June 17, 2017

Our Approach to Building Effective Business Websites

Searchability -Making sure that your website ranks well in Google


What influences your prospective customers, where and how they search online, and what sets you apart from your competitors can have a significant impact on the keywords we target and the goals we set.


Usability determines the success or failure of a website. Given that your visitor is the one making the clicks and deciding everything, user-centric design is the best approach for successful and profit-oriented web design.

Branding - Designing a website that is suitable to your goals and business objectives


Branding helps people differentiate between competition and quickly judge quality. The web is an excellent platform to build your brand, so it’s important not to ignore branding when working on your website.

Conversion - Optimizing your website to acquire more visitors and generate higher revenue


Users’ habits on the Web are not very different from customers’ habits in a physical store. Visitors glance at pages, scan some, and click on links that catch their interest. It is best to stick to conventions.

“Websites should behave like airports. Use legible and conventional visual cues and understand what users are expecting from a content perspective. With conventions, you easily gain visitors’ confidence and trust.”
— ARIES MANUEL, Architect & UI/UX Designer